About us

Fashion is only the attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse !


The ‘made in Italy’ on all our products is a guaranty of refined and quality garments thanks to the long standing craftsmanship heritage. In a historic moment in which ‘Made In Italy’ continues to enchant the world and affirm its value, Brave Factory continues to create sophisticated, trendy and well researched clothes.


Each piece is enhanced with a simple detail, a stylish and original touch making the difference. Brave Factories Team comprises of highly trained professionals who specialize in the craftsmanship of all fabrics, guaranteeing impeccable quality from the drawing and prototype phase to the finished product.


Believes in pushing the boundaries of fashion and lifestyle, offering a portfolio of global brands to a new breed of consumer – those who challenge traditional perceptions, preferring to embrace fashion on their own terms. Our mission is to build brands for a new breed of consumers – fostering creativity, challenging the rules.

Who is BraveFACTORY ?

Brave Factory is an expanding organization. A leader in the production of clothing, and develops a wide range of products from high end pret a porter to younger contemporary collections. One of the defining characteristics of BRAVE FACTORY is its expansion for continuous growth in terms of style and technological development. Point of the strength of Brave Factory is to continuously search to discover new talents.

All the working have been made in italy. All this guarantees high quality only obtainable from the Italian experience.